The POLKOM-group unites the researchers at IMK that focus on political communication. The group runs POLKOM – Centre for the studies of political communication, which is a virtual research centre that also involves external members. The centre aims to promote research on political communication at a high scientific level and contributes research-based input to the public debate about democracy and power relations in society. To promote these objectives, the centre will:

  • Initiate, plan and implement research projects, both nationally and internationally.
  • Be a meeting place and forum for researchers from a range of disciplines working with political communication.
  • Arrange internal and external seminars and conferences.
  • Communicate the research to a broader audience through our own website.
  • Secure recruitment to the field by creating a good environment for students.
  • Facilitate good conditions for guest researchers.

POLKOM aims to meet society’s needs for knowledge about how political and democratic power relations are maintained, challenged and changed when communication patterns, media structures and public spheres change as a result of economic, technological, and cultural change. Our research shall increase knowledge about the importance of the historical and cultural context for political communication.

POLKOM’s leadership is shared between professors Eli Skogerbø and Øyvind Ihlen. POLKOM was established as a group in in January 2014, while the centre itself was officially launched in October 2015.

The centre’s board of directors consists of leader Anne Krogstad, Professor, Department of Sociology and Human Geography, FSS
Kjell Lars Berge, Professor, Department of Linguistics and Scandinavian Studies
Rune Karlsen, Researcher II, Institute for Social Research
Jens E. Kjeldsen, Professor, Department of Information Science and Media Studies, University of Bergen
Toril Aalberg, Professor, Department of Sociology and Political Science, NTNU
Gunn Enli, Professor, Department of Media and Communication.

Deputy members are Cristina Archetti, Professor, Department of Media and Communication
Audun Beyer, Associate Professor, Department of Media and Communication
Sigurd Allern, Professor, Department of Media and Communication
Tine Ustad Figenschou, Researcher, Department of Media and Communication
Kjersti Thorbjørnsrud, Researcher, Institute for Social Research.

Researchers and academic staff at research institutions who are actively working on issues related to political communication can become members.

Application for membership is submitted in the form of a short presentation of their own research area and current projects, written in a form that is suitable for publishing for online publishing. Send an e-mail to the centre leaders:

Øyvind Ihlen: oyvind.ihlen@media.uio.no

Eli Skogerbø: eli.skogerbo@media.uio.no