«So… you want to publish political communication research»

POLKOM PhD-seminar 2017 April 26-27

Department of Media and Communications, UiO, room 418
Registration deadline: 7th April; email to Elisabeth Quarré Eggen : e.q.eggen@media.uio.no

By 20th April: All participants must submit a one-page summary on a topic that they are developing for a pol comm. journal. The one-pager must provide details about goal, RQ, theory, methodology, scientific contribution, and it will be positioned against ongoing theoretical discussions and the international research forefront. We also need information about what journal is targeted and how. Active participation is expected, meaning that the participants have to read all the one-pagers and be prepared to give a response.

Wednesday April 26

PART 1 Foundations

1200-1230 Welcome and lunch, Øyvind Ihlen, professor IMK

1230-1400 The international scene, Frank Esser, professor II IMK:

The pol comm journal landscape, picking the right journal, picking the right themes, examples of recent prize-winning pol comm articles, examples of pol comm mentoring at other departments, do’s and dont’s in article writing and submitting

1400-1500 The home turf, Rune Karlsen, Researcher II, Institute for Social research & Editor of & editor Tidsskrift for samfunnsforskning: Publication strategy and national journals

1500-1600 Tales from the trenches, sharing of experiences, discussion led by Øyvind Ihlen and Tine Figenschou, associate professor, Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences

PART 2 Practice

“Peer review” of each participant’s one-page summary of a planned article. All participants read all submissions and will provide feedback. Strategic tips will be provided on transforming drafts into effective manuscripts.

1800 Dinner

Thursday April 27

1145-1215 Lunch


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