POLKOM-Monday: Strategic Communication and Context

Monday 27th March  professor Cristina Archetti from the Department of Media And Communication will talk about the following:

Strategic Communication and Context: Making Sense of “Post-Truth Politics”, “Fake News” and the “Age of Misinformation”

Although “strategic communication” figures as a key policy tool across a range of domains, from tackling the threat of the extremist ideology of ISIS to countering Russian propaganda, this concept appears to be widely misunderstood. This presentation develops the argument that most approaches to strategic communication emphasize too much the role of technologies and contents at the expense of the informational context. However, it is precisely an examination of context that can provide an understanding of the social and political processes that lie behind the formation of “information bubbles,” the dissemination of “fake news” and the alleged “post-truth politics.” This is the first step to making sense of the opportunities and limitations of strategic communication in a future characterized by increasing political polarization and social fragmentation.

Time and place: 27. March from 12.00-13.00 in room 418 at the Department of Media And Communication, UiO.


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