POLKOM-monday: From gatekeeping to navigating: managing the immigration debate in Scandinavian newspapers

POLKOM invites you to POLKOM-monday with Postdoctoral Fellow Karoline Ihlebæk from the Department of Media and Communication, UiO:

In this study, I explore editorial attitudes and practices when managing debates about immigration. A key responsibility for the news media is to facilitate the public debate. Even if the editorial power of the news media has been contested and transformed as a result of the growing importance of social media platforms, editors still hold a powerful position as gatekeepers. Such an authority is manifested in the trust that we still need professional gatekeepers to filter information and help us to «make sense of the world» node type 8 (Barber, 2004, p. 44). In the study, I use debates about immigration as a point of departure. Such debates are heated, emotional and polarised and they are often accompanied by discussions about the normative boundaries in the public sphere. In the study, I address how legal and ethical frameworks guide editors in their work, and how they actively navigate on social media to uphold their role as agenda-setters. Finally, I explore how they manage what is understood as deviant voices in the debate.

Time and place: 6.march in room 418 at 12.00-12.30 at the Department of Media and Communications, UiO.


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