POLKOM-mandag: Female lawyers in Kuwait and Lebanon speak after 2011: Legal mobilization through medialized awareness-raising

Welcome to POLKOM-monday 14. november at 12.00 in room 418 at Department of Media and Communications with Rania Maktabi from Østfold University College.

Rania Maktabi focuses on female lawyers’ use of media in Kuwait and Lebanon in raising awareness around legal issues pertaining to women’s civil rights within patriarchal state laws. In 2015, she interviewed ten lawyers in each state and found out that a surprising number of the interviewed (three in Lebanon, and five in Kuwait) were active on a regular basis in TV-programs that address women’s rights. Synergy effects can be detected between female lawyers, women’s associations, and a supportive media in addressing and challenging patriarchal state laws as found in family law, criminal law, and nationality law in Kuwait and Lebanon.

Rania Maktabi is associate professor of political science at Østfold University College. In 2015 – 2016, she was a researcher in the project The New Middle East: Emerging Political and Ideological Trends at The Centre for Islamic and Middle East Studies, University of Oslo. The report «Female Lawyers in Morocco, Kuwait, and Lebanon speak after 2011» can be accessed at http://www.hf.uio.no/ikos/english/research/projects/new-middle-east/publications/2015-2016/rm-r-2016.pdf.



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