POLKOM-monday: Hillary Clinton in the News – Gender and Authenticity in American Politics

We are pleased to invite you to lunch with professor Shawn Parry-Giles from the University of Maryland. This lunch meeting is being held the upcoming Monday 24th of October at 12.00 at room 205.


Shawn Parry-Giles is a professor of communication and director of UMD’s Center for Political Communication and Civic Leadership. An expert in political communications, rhetoric, and politics and the media, she is a frequent guest on NPR.

In her new book, “Hillary Clinton in the News – Gender and Authenticity in American Politics” – she presents how the media helped construct political gender norms—and critiqued Hillary Clinton for violating them.

The charge of inauthenticity has trailed Hillary Clinton from the moment she entered the national spotlight and stood in front of television cameras. Hillary Clinton in the News: Gender and Authenticity in American Politics shows how the U.S. media created their own news frames of Clinton’s political authenticity and image-making, from her participation in Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign through her own 2008 presidential bid.


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